Battleford Queen’s hotel faces March 2024 demolition

Battleford Queen’s hotel faces March 2024 demolition

The future of the Queen’s Hotel is still up in the air as the Kim family considers selling the property and the date for demolition is pushed to next year.

BATTLEFORD — The Council of the Town of Battleford has modified the order to demolish the Queen’s Hotel that passed council on Aug. 21. Now, instead of requiring a demolition by Nov. 1, 2023, the property owners will be required to have dealt with the hotel by March 1, 2024. 

“The owners have subsequently submitted their appeal and plans for the property moving forward, asking for more time to deal with the property,” reads a report presented to the council at their Monday, Oct. 16 meeting.

“Since issuing the order the property owners have provided Council with a plan for the property and boarded up several doors and windows as well as secured the property,” reads the report, as was the topic of a delegation that came before council last month.

Councillor Judy Pruden noted in her comments to council that she’s pleased they have more time.

“We had discussed this prior, with having to get permits to demolish anything. It wouldn’t have probably happened before then away. So that’s why I think it’s fine to wait until March,” she said. 

“The fact that they now have extra time to get their plans in order … we’re still going to have to okay it whether they sell or demolish it. I think that’s a fair date, but I don’t see it going past that,” Councillor David George said. 

Councillor Doug Laing wondered about the possibility of high levels of asbestos level in the building, and if that could be kept at the forefront of everyone’s mind moving forward. He also wondered if any tests could be done now to speed up the process.

“It’s not our business, but we can have conversations about what a proactive approach may be,” Mayor Ames Leslie said, adding that the town has had a meeting with the owners, and the Kim family may be pivoting towards seeking to sell the hotel rather than demolish the building and develop the site.

Mayor Leslie added that the town will meet with the Kim family once a month for follow ups, and reports will be brought back to council as they see fit. 

In comments to the media after the council meeting, Mayor Leslie said that the current owners have until Feb. 28 to address the derelict Queen’s Hotel.

“At that time the town will start taking steps to make sure the building is addressed .. if that comes a demolition permit, we’ll look to have it demolished to the cost of the owners.

No stakeholders have stepped up at this time to want to fight for the building.


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