Blue Drip Art Supplies hosting Yorkton Comic Con

Blue Drip Art Supplies hosting Yorkton Comic Con

Yorkton ‘con’ being hosted by Blue Drip Art Supplies Nov. 25.

YORKTON – Yorkton Comic Con is coming and Saskatchewan comic book writer Jeff Burton is on the guest list.

Originally from Humboldt, and now living in Englefeld, Sask. Burton said writing has always come rather naturally to him.

“I’ve always had a thing for writing,” he told Yorkton This Week. “It kind of went hand-in-hand with my love of reading. 

“As a kid I would often write stories for my superhero toys and then act them out with the toys.”

The love of writing about his toys would almost naturally take him into the world of writing comic books.

“I have always loved comic books because of the mix of the literary and visual worlds,” said Burton. “I loved cartoons so it seemed natural as comics books are cartoons without the TV.”

In terms of style Burton said he feels he has created his own unique voice.

“I don’t know that my writing style emulates anyone in particular, I just like to have fun in writing,” he said. “I love a long and varied list of writers and creators that probably have had more of an influence on my own writing more than I realize. Some of my favourite comic book writers would have to be James Robinson, Mark Waid, Peter David, Geoff Johns, and on and on and on.”

Burton might be best known for one title, but also has a varied resume.

“The Adventures of Auroraman, and all the other side projects like comic strips, audio comics and so on, is my proudest piece and I am constantly writing stories that I feel are my best yet which is a great thing as it shows growth in my skills,” he related.

But, Auroraman is Burton’s calling card.

“Auroraman was born out of me and a good friend musing about our mutual favourite DC comics hero, (Starman), and what a Canadian version of him could look like.”

As a writer, Burton said he looks for a kernel of an idea, then writes to have it grow into a full story.

“When I write I typically start with one little idea, oftentimes it is a particular scene or a character, and it grows organically from there,” he said. 

“Sometimes it will even be a collection of seemingly unrelated ideas in my notebook that suddenly start to take shape and suddenly merge together into a story. 

“Inspiration can literally come from anywhere. 

“Sometimes it is during a lesson I am teaching and discussions happening in the classroom spark an idea, or even just a random occurrence or phrase or image catches my brain and a seed gets planted. 

“I often have a notebook close at hand to write these things down when they hit so I have them for later.”

Burton said being part of the new con being hosted by Blue Drip Art Supplies Nov. 25, is going to be fun.

“I am quite excited to be part of this all new first Yorkton Comic Con as it is something new to the area and it’s a chance to bring Auroraman to more people who may not have had a chance to check it out yet,” he said.


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