Delta Co-op and Credit Unions put on shows, displays and fun.

Delta Co-op and Credit Unions put on shows, displays and fun.

Credit Union and Co-op Week had plenty of surprises and fun planned for the members this past week.

UNITY — Oct 15 to 21 was Co-op and Credit Union Week. All the branches and locations in the reading area had plans to show appreciation for the members who keep them going.


The Kerrobert Credit Union had mascot Floyd the Pig visiting various landmarks in and around the community. A picture was posted daily of where Floyd was and members had to identify his location. All who guessed correctly had their names entered into a draw. The financial institution also welcomed members to join staff for coffee and goodies during office hours.


The Unity Credit Union offered members coffee, juice and dainties at the branch along with a few surprise door prizes. Some staff were accompanied by mascot Fat Cat to visit the schools and Unity Community Daycare with some treats as well.


Celebrating 60 years of service, Luseland Credit Union staff showed members all they had this week. In the branch on Thursday, visitors went back in time to 1963 to compare how farming methods, fashion, food prices and banking have changed. There was even a game on how well a person remembered interesting facts from the year as well

Delta Co-op

The Delta Co-op also had many activities for members this year. Staff spent Monday handing out surprises to random individuals while on Tuesday grocery shoppers got to play Plinko for their chance to save five to 20 per cent on their bill. The Delta Co-op decided to surprise some folks at the pumps with random free fills all month long as well. Each grocery location had asked members to enter their names for a chance to be drawn to win a 60-second shopping spree.

Winners of the shopping spree were Macklin – Jenna Reinbold; Wilkie – Ryne Keller; and Unity – Kevin Parks.

Jenna collected $434, Ryne gathered $353 and Kevin walked out with $443 worth of groceries. Each contestant also received a $150 gift card to be used towards fresh meat.

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