Kerrobert Bakery no longer open to the public

Kerrobert Bakery no longer open to the public

Bakery owner in Kerrobert shifts business focus to avoid burnout.

KERROBERT — Residents and visitors of Kerrobert will need to find another spot to get their fix of caffeine. Owner/operators Leighton and Tammy Krahn have been running the bakery and coffee shop for 16 years. They had to make a hard decision and close the storefront.

“My wife and I have run the business together since the beginning. Six months ago, she continued as my business partner, but not actively working in the business as she took a job elsewhere. I attempted to manage it during this time but essentially running two businesses at the same time proved more taxing than I was willing to bear,” says Krahn.

Reactions to the announcement on Facebook varied.

“Those who know me well saw the burnout coming and were less surprised. I mostly felt compassion and understanding but I could feel a sense of loss from customers as well,” he adds.

Multiple scenarios were played out including changing bakery production, hiring more staff and adjusting hours. Yet the restaurant portion of the business was just not enough to justify the changes needed to support Krahn.

Although the restaurant is closing, the bakery will still be in full operation. Krahn will have one primary employee with a couple of casuals on hand for backup. Krahn already has secured local businesses that will sell his baked goods.

“Our core bakery items will remain at the stores including cinnamon buns and over time I will experiment with other products like variety breads to test the market for demand,” concluded Krahn.

Items will be available at Kerrobert Shop Easy, Kerrobert Reddi Mart, Sieben’s Meats, Kerrobert C Store, Laurae’s Corner Store in Coleville, P & C Foods in Plenty, Close’s Family Foods in Kindersley, Luseland Family Foods and Daisy’s Corner Store in Luseland.

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