Luseland students travel to Montreal for exchange trip.

Luseland students travel to Montreal for exchange trip.

After playing host in October, Luseland students take their turn being tourists in Montreal.

LUSELAND – A few weeks back, Grade 10, 11 and 12 students were hosts to students from Montreal, Que. Those same students recently travelled to the bilingual city, returning with lifelong memories and new friendships.

The group flew out on Oct. 10. One student, Taylor Crowe said “Going on a plane was a really cool experience.” Once landed, they met up with the Montreal students they first met in Luseland. The teachers from St. Hubert School had planned many opportunities to learn while exploring the city.

The Luseland classes toured downtown Montreal, and also had the opportunity to tour Old Montreal including the underground city.

“Seeing downtown Montreal and Old Montreal with all the history was the highlight of the trip for me,” says Grade 11 student Cole Ostrowski.

Cole also said he found the whole trip to be a fun and informative experience.

The group had a morning tour of the Heritage School in Montreal, where roughly 2,000 students attend classes. The total number of students that attend Luseland School is just under 200. They contributed to the school’s rock garden by painting their own to be placed.

A tour of the EVLO research facility was also on the week’s agenda. The EVLO facility is where massive storage batteries are built. These store energy from renewable resources. The students also experienced riding on the REM, an above-ground electric rail system, and the underground subway system.

Some of the historical sites the group got to see firsthand included Notre Dame Basilica and La Maison Autochtone. The museum is the House of Indigenous Peoples and the only multi-nation venue that is located outside of any Indigenous community.

Along with a hike up Mont St. Hilaire and a visit to the Verger Petit et Fils apple orchard, tours of the Biosphere and Bio Dome was the highlight for most of the Luseland students.

The students and their hosts had the chance to have a free day, where some students got to travel to Quebec City, the Mount Royal lookout and La Ronde, a large amusement park.

Another Grade 10 student, Kim Thrun says “Climbing on the outside of the Biosphere was an experience unlike any other.” She also adds that the people she met were kind and she looks forward to maintaining the friendships that were made.

Students returned Oct. 16 after spending six full days of educational exploring, with most of the students saying it was an amazing trip.

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