Preachers in Cut Knife being celebrated for all they do.

Preachers in Cut Knife being celebrated for all they do.

Husband and wife leaders of worship continue to serve community in Cut Knife after three decades.

CUT KNIFE — This year, Grant and Darla Wasmuth are being celebrated for three decades of service to the Cut Knife ministry by family and fellow church members. They never expected how much they would love Cut Knife or how much of an influence they would have over the community.

Grant and Darla met in Eston while attending Full Gospel Bible Institute. They married in August of 1989 just prior to their third year of Bible school. The following summer, a move to North Battleford was made and the decision to start a family began. They volunteered with the Living Faith Chapel until 1993 when Grant was offered a job in Cut Knife. The Good Shepard Community Church needed a youth pastor and after much prayer and consideration, Grant accepted the position.

With Grant in his new position, Darla spent most of her time volunteering in various groups and activities. The position of lead pastor became available in 1997 and with Grant accepting the new role, he was ordained the following year, and continued to preach for eight years. 

Alongside Grant, Darla was instrumental in helping her husband run the youth group. She had many roles within the GSCC including running the children’s ministry, acting secretary and even leading worship every so often. She enjoyed working with the many different youths over the years. The Wasmuths have seen many of the youth they taught return with their own families.

In 2005, Grant felt the need to step down from his role as lead pastor. Nevertheless, some families in Cut Knife recognized how much Pastor Grant meant to them. Grant was approached by these families, asking him to consider pastoring for a new home church that was established. He and his family prayed for guidance and he accepted the job.

With the new home church, families took turns hosting services within their homes. They were able to start renting the Cut Knife Elks Theatre after five months then eventually moved across the street into the Family Worship Centre with is affiliated with the Apostolic Church of Pentecost.

Darla continued to work within the ministry as co-ordinator, scheduler, secretary, running the kids and youth program, leading the congregation in worship plus so much more. She was officially ordained in 2020 at the Family Worship Centre.

The Family Worship Centre allowed the Wasmuths to continue working with the youth over the past 18 years. They started to mentor their daughter, Natasha, to one day take on the role of the lead youth pastor. 

The duo has been revered as an amazing team when helping multiple families, youth and young children in the town of Cut Knife. They have both been offered many opportunities to pastor in other communities yet they have voiced to family and friends that their calling is in Cut Knife. 

Their passion, drive and love for God keeps them motivated within the ministry, they say. They say they have seen the impact of what prayer can do for those who worship and do not plan to step down anytime soon. Both Grant and Darla say they believe if God is willing, they will preach until the age of 99. 

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