Cyberwise Parenting – Top Questions for Parents, Answered by Dr. Gwenn


In the digital age, parenting has evolved to include navigating the complexities of raising children in an increasingly connected world. At CyberSafeBook, we recognize the importance of equipping parents with the knowledge and tools to foster safe and responsible digital experiences for their children. In this article, we present a compilation of the top questions asked by parents, answered by Dr. Gwenn, a renowned expert in digital parenting. Let’s explore her insights to empower parents in their journey of cyberwise parenting.

1. How can I ensure my child’s online safety?

Ensuring your child’s online safety begins with open communication. Establish clear rules and guidelines for internet use, and discuss potential online risks with your child. Educate them about privacy settings, the importance of not sharing personal information, and how to recognize and report inappropriate content or behavior.

2. What age is appropriate for giving my child a smartphone?

The appropriate age for giving a child a smartphone varies from family to family. Consider factors like your child’s maturity level, the need for communication, and the ability to follow digital rules. Some parents opt for smartphones with limited features or parental control apps to manage usage effectively.

3. How can I balance screen time and real-world activities?

Striking a balance between screen time and real-world activities is essential for a child’s development. Create a daily routine that incorporates a mix of physical activities, social interactions, and limited screen time for educational and recreational purposes. Lead by example and participate in screen-free activities with your child.

4. What should I do if my child encounters cyberbullying?

If your child experiences cyberbullying, offer emotional support and encourage them to talk openly about the situation. Document the evidence and report the incident to the relevant platform or school authorities. Teach your child coping strategies and consider involving a counselor or therapist if needed.

5. Should I monitor my child’s online activities?

Monitoring your child’s online activities can be helpful to ensure their safety. However, balance is key – respect your child’s privacy while maintaining an open dialogue about responsible digital behavior. Use parental control tools to set reasonable boundaries and establish trust with your child.

6. How can I promote responsible social media use?

Promote responsible social media use by discussing appropriate behavior and the potential consequences of oversharing or engaging in harmful activities online. Encourage your child to think critically about the content they post and follow age-appropriate guidelines for each platform.

7. What are some signs of digital addiction, and how can I address it?

Signs of digital addiction include excessive preoccupation with screens, withdrawal symptoms when not using devices, and neglect of other responsibilities. If you notice these signs, set limits on screen time, encourage alternative activities, and seek professional help if the addiction persists.

8. How can I educate myself about the latest digital trends and challenges?

Stay informed about the latest digital trends and challenges by reading reputable online resources, attending workshops or webinars on digital parenting, and engaging with other parents to share insights and experiences.


Cyberwise parenting involves empowering parents with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the digital landscape alongside their children. By addressing the top questions for parents with expert advice from Dr. Gwenn, we hope to support parents in fostering a safe, positive, and enriching online experience for their children. Together, let us embrace the journey of cyberwise parenting and nurture responsible digital citizens for a better and safer digital future.

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