Sod turning held for Grenfell long-term care centre

Sod turning held for Grenfell long-term care centre

Thirty-three bed facility to be constructed.

GRENFELL, Sask. — The sod-turning has been held for the new Grenfell Long-Term Care facility, which will consist of 33 beds for senior residents in the area.

Before the former LTC centre—Grenfell Pioneer Home—closed in 2018 due to the poor conditions of the facility, residents in the community have been raising money for decades to construct a new building.

“The province of Saskatchewan’s contribution to this project is $15 million, and $10 million of that was already announced in the 2023-24 budget,” said Rural and Remote Health Minister Tim McLeod.

“The remainder will be coming in future budget years, and the community and the foundation are fundraising a large portion to go on top of that.”

The new home will include two spa tub rooms, a commercial kitchen, common living and dining spaces, administrative areas, a maintenance garage and parking stalls.

“I understand the residents of Grenfell have been waiting patiently for this new facility, and that time has finally come,” said McLeod.

“I want to offer my sincere thanks to the Grenfell Health Foundation for their generous donations that would further complement the government’s commitment to the project. Without your support and contributions, projects like this simply would not be possible.”

Years of dedication towards planning for new LTC

At the sod-turning, the Mayor of Grenfell Rod Wolfe informed everyone about the community’s efforts for working towards building a new LTC centre.

“It’s been a long journey, to say the least,” Wolfe said. “I remember my late father working tirelessly on the original foundation to build this facility nearly 30 years ago. It’s thanks to the past, to the current, and as well as future members and volunteers, that we can make this project a reality today.

“Lots of time and effort has also been focused on this project by past and current councils, but let’s not forget the volunteers who spent hours of their time and effort on fundraising and organizing so we can stand here today.

“It is these unselfish efforts that will continue to build small town atmosphere with state-of-the-art services, and facilities, right here in our beloved town of Grenfell.

“Seeing projects like this one being built shows that all levels of government working together to achieve a goal can make it happen.”

Wolfe mentioned that the LTC centre will not only benefit the elderly but will also be appreciated by families and children who live in Grenfell.

“This facility will ensure that our grandparents and parents will have a home that they can be comfortable and happy in right here in Grenfell, their home town,” said Wolfe.

“As well the positive spin-offs this can entail for the town truly cannot be measured, neither economic, financial or mental.

“For example, our children can once again leave school and walk to see their grandparents, no planned trips an hour away just to stay close with your loved ones.

“It’s these small benefits that is invaluable to residents of our own town, as well as others near to our area.

“In closing on behalf of the Town of Grenfell and District Health Foundation, we look forward to working very closely with SaskBuilds, SHA, and the ministry to see this project through to completion and operation.”

Steven Bonk, MLA for the Moosomin constituency, said the demand for an LTC facility in the community has been there for a while.

“I know the community of Grenfell has been working on this for 30 or 40 years now to replace the old home,” said Bonk.

“I believe it was in 2018 that the home was closed and since then it’s been a top priority, not only for the community of Grenfell but also for the Ministry of Rural and Remote Health.

“We’ve done everything we could to push this through the government as quickly as we could. I know there’s a lot of things that have to happen with large sums of money like this, as far as due diligence and making sure the site is properly chosen, I just want to thank the health authority for the good work they’ve done there.

“Also to SaskBuilds, for making sure this was a priority and for pushing through with it quickly. As far as being a priority, this was a top priority for the Government of Saskatchewan and the community of Grenfell.”

MLA for Melville-Saltcoats Warren Kaeding said the new facility will help keep people in the community of Grenfell for the long run.

“What you traditionally see, especially in some communities, as health care concerns increase people tend to move and leave their rural communities to get closer to health care,” Kaeding said.

“Having a facility like this is going to keep people in the community that much longer, it will keep their support network in the community that much longer, it really stabilizes communities.”

Scott Builders began the prep work for the site a few weeks ago and will begin construction shortly.

Construction work is expected to continue until winter freeze-up begins, with major construction activities resuming by spring 2024. is Saskatchewan’s home page. Bookmark us at this link.



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