Town of Outlook releases annual report

Town of Outlook releases annual report

Findings from the Town of Outlook’s annual report, including numbers and statistics.

OUTLOOK – Those with a curiosity in the data and numbers associated with the community of Outlook may be interested to know that the Town has released its annual report.

The 2022-2023 document, presented on October 4, highlights key information in a number of sectors.

Information highlighted in the Annual Report includes the following.

Town of Outlook Operating & Capital Revenue Comparison to Budget by Function

In the area of operating and capital revenue, revenues in 2022 were up 15% from the previous year, seeing increases in the Environmental & Health function (department) and Protective Services. People may remember that last year, the Town transferred Protective Services machinery and equipment along with the ongoing operation of those assets to the Outlook-Rudy Joint Protective Services, with the intent of the Town and the RM of Rudy No. 284 consolidating assets and sharing operating responsibilities. The Town and RM each hold a 50% share, and the proportionate share of assets and liabilities transferred is recorded as revenue in the 2022 fiscal year.

It was said that expenditures increased by 29.5% overall from the 2021 year, however the actual expenditures only came in 3.9% higher than the budgeted figures for 2022. Increases in expenditures were said to be primarily in the Environmental Services department due to Landfill operations, and the Protective Services department which was affected by changes to the restructuring of the Outlook-Rudy Joint Protective Services.

The Town’s long term debt as of December 31 of last year was $2,886,814 which is comprised of two loans; one is from the Bank of Montreal for watermain repairs and landfill expansion, and the other is from the Prairie Centre Credit Union for the Railyard Subdivision.

The Town also holds three short-term leases for equipment with a total capital lease liability of $156,308. The total long-term debt and lease obligations are said to still be well under the Town’s authorized debt limit of $4,008,236.

The Town ended the 2022 year with a surplus of $116,878 as a result of actual revenues being higher than budgeted figures, said to be primarily due to the restructurings.

Town of Outlook Operating & Capital Revenue Comparison to Budget by Function

Taxes & Unconditional Revenue

Budget 2022 – $3,055,847

Actual 2022 – $3,057,200

Fees & Charges

Budget 2022 – $2,237,705

Actual 2022 – $2,196,643

Conditional Grants

Budget 2022 – $107,204

Actual 2022 – $134,703

Tangible Capital Asset Sales – gain (loss)

Budget 2022 – $ –

Actual 2022 – ($35,558)

Land Sales gain (loss)

Budget 2022 – $80,000

Actual 2022 – $79,762

Investment Income & Commissions

Budget 2022 – $28,273

Actual 2022 – $33,972


Budget 2022 – $ –

Actual 2022 – $279,448

Other Revenues

Budget 2022 – $500

Actual 2022 – $48,683


Budget 2022 – $5,509,529

Actual 2022 – $5,794,853

Town of Outlook Expenses Comparison to Budget by Function

General Government

Budget 2022 – $899,633

Actual 2022 – $863,214

Protective Services

Budget 2022 – $293,217

Actual 2022 – $731,991


Budget 2022 – $1,133,281

Actual 2022 – $1,076,417

Environmental & Health

Budget 2022 – $564,691

Actual 2022 – $946,960

Planning & Development

Budget 2022 – $113,911

Actual 2022 – $68,886

Recreation & Culture

Budget 2022 – $1,567,686

Actual 2022 – $1,397,020


Budget 2022 – $1,042,250

Actual 2022 – $750,384


Budget 2022 – $5,614,669

Actual 2022 – $5,834,872

In addition to providing finite numbers data as it pertains to revenues, the report also highlights what the riverside community is doing in a number of key areas as it relates to progression, such as spotlighting improvements and activities at the Outlook Community Library, highlighting what’s being done in transportation and public works, the town’s waterworks and sewer collection, and Outlook’s recreation and community development.

In closing, the document highlights planning and development in the community, noting that 2022 was a big year for Outlook as far as development is concerned, with 15 development permits and 15 building permits being issued. It was said that the Town sold two residential lots in 2022, and also completed the sale of three commercial/industrial lots in the Railyard Subdivision in the spring of 2023.

The value of new construction in 2022 was $1,679,751 (three permits) compared to $803,000 in 2021 for commercial and $1,310,250 (12 permits) compared to $850,600 residential. The Town is interested in continuing to track these numbers over time, but it was said that this does not indicate a strong development market for a town of Outlook’s size.

A downloadable copy of the annual report is available on the Town’s official website.


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