Unity veterans will be honoured with banners lining Main St.

Unity veterans will be honoured with banners lining Main St.

Families of veterans will have an opportunity to purchase banners to honour their loved ones.

UNITY — With the permission of the Unity and District Chamber of Commerce to use their existing banner hardware on the light posts in Unity’s downtown and the commitment of the Town of Unity to have public works staff hang the banners, the Unity branch of the Royal Canadian Legion is thrilled to announce applications for veteran honorary banners are now open.

The project is a way to pay tribute to local veterans and will hopefully engage the community in honouring and remembering them for many years to come.

The person(s) or organization requesting a banner will need to pay the cost of $220 and provide the following information: name of the veteran and service (such as World War II – Navy; Afghanistan – Sgt at Arms; RCAF, etc.) as well as the name to go on the “honoured by” line (e.g. John Smith family).

As high a resolution as possible photo of the veteran will also be needed.

The Unity Legion’s banner program will be limited to veterans from Unity and area. The first round of applications will close Nov. 30, and those banners are guaranteed to be ready for and used next year during the period surrounding Remembrance Day.

Application forms are available at the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald office, 310 Main Street, Unity or you can ask for a digital version by emailing helena@helenalong.com or messaging the Unity Stories Facebook page.

 Of note is that the company which prints banners for veteran programs right across Canada is managed by a Canadian veteran and a portion of their sale proceeds go to support homeless veteran programs.

For further information, please call Helena at 306-228-8780. Helena can also help if you need help with scanning old photographs.


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