Wilkie Legion Poppy Fund receives donation from Scott teens.

Wilkie Legion Poppy Fund receives donation from Scott teens.

“Thousands and thousands of people died on that beach,” says Paul Marshall upon return from Juno Beach visit 20 years ago.

50 years ago

Council for the RM of Senlac passed a motion to seek an estimate for the cost of installing running water and washroom facilities in the municipal office.

Andrew Meier of Tramping Lake was named to the six-person board governing the Association of Saskatchewan Rural Telephone Companies.

A front-page headline cautioned “Drivers fair warning! Radar is in Unity to stay!” The town had purchased a new Muniquip Digital Radar Set” to assist the RCMP in the interests of “protection of our young citizens at play who are not always watching traffic.”

Teenagers in Scott put on a record-hop and raised $7.32 for the Wilkie Legion Poppy Fund.

20 years ago

Luseland Museum board members were pleased to receive a telephone switchboard from SaskTel Pioneers. They spent an afternoon with former Luseland area telephone operators Mrs. Essie Campbell, Mrs. Bernice (Ray) Scheidt and Mrs. Marlene Heintz to learn the ins and outs of the switchboard.

Paul and Yvonne Marshall of Unity visited Juno Beach in France to see the memorial for Canadian soldiers who died in the Second World War. Paul said being on the beach gave him an uneasy feeling. “Thousands and thousands of people died on that beach.”

Wilkie’s new council, councillors Jason Halter, Jim Waldner, David Ziegler, Alex Majewski, Sandra Miller and Gus McMaster along with Mayor Wally Lorenz were sworn in.


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